Clearsight Antivirus 

Simple effective Centrally managed Antivirus Endpoint Protection.

Full support for all Microsoft Operating systems from Windows® server 2003, Windows XP and even earlier versions to the very latest.

Server and client antivirus with IDS Firewall, USB Device control and automatic scanning of connected USB devices.

The product utilises the CSAV real-time engine with the options of Sophos or Avira detection capabilities.

Easy to use central management Console

Manage your Clearsight AV Remotely

CSMGM is designed to be uncomplicated but deliver a full overview of your antivirus endpoint protection and delivers updates and automation to your remote devices through an easy to navigate console.

Clearsight Management Console

-Update and deploy automatically
-Discover what is on your network
-Configure your machines 

Clearsight gives you an easy to view interface that displays your machines protection, versions and definitions.

MGM Allows your admin to control all aspects of the CS Endpoint Protection within your company.

Clearsight Antivirus

  • Premium Endpoint Antivirus Security
  • SurfGuard
  • Firewall
  • Industry leading scan engine (Avira/Sophos)
  • Device Control
  • USB Auto device scanning
  • Auto-update of Program and detection

    Clearsight provides everything your companies desktops and servers require to protect against all known viruses.
    An uncomplicated easy to use interface makes Clearsight Antivirus a breath of fresh air.
    Windows 2003 Server antivirus support & Windows XP antivirus.

    Clearsight also offers a customization service (Whitelabel) for partners who wish to brand their own solutions. This is ideal for banks, isp and support companies who want to offer customers unique antivirus with their branding.
Operating Systems Supported

Microsoft Server Operating systems
Windows 2003 Server R2 -Windows 2008 Server – Windows 2012 Server – Windows 2016 Server

Microsoft Workstations Operating systems 
Windows XP, Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Support & Updates
Software and security updates required
Software upgrades & Technical support included