Clearsight Releases Its First Free Antivirus for Education

One company is providing antivirus software for education at no cost, you heard it right!

Sofia, Bulgaria — (ReleaseWire) — 06/21/2017 –Clearsight Antivirus announced today that it will provide its first free antivirus software protection program for schools and other education customers. “We wanted to help schools and colleges create a safe and secure network, and we realize that’s hard to do on a shoe string budget” said Vice President Dmitry Chendev. “Schools spend thousands on antivirus programs every year, and by using Clearsight Antivirus, we save them thousands without them losing the high quality software.”

Clearsight Antivirus was founded in 2010 by a group of people with a background in the software security industry and antivirus companies. The company offers three free software antivirus programs for homes, Mobile devices and businesses.

Clearsight Antivirus Lite for Education program offers workstation real-time protection from viruses and spyware, daily updates and detects viruses on removable devices.

“Whether consumers need an antivirus program for their home, school or business, Clearsight Antivirus has the tools to fulfill every software protection need,” said Chendev. If customers require a higher level of protection, they have the option to upgrade to a premium account for a very low price. Clearsight Antivirus Premium provides central management and Windows server cover, removable device infection detection and removal, full scheduled scanning, surf guard protection, zero hour protection (protects from the second a new virus is released), multiple engines and free technical support. It also includes two scanning engines for Premium users.

To support their free services and continue to strengthen their programs, Clearsight Antivirus Endpoint will ask consumers for donations. However, consumers are not required to donate to use the services, however technical support is for a fee.

“Our team is dedicated to giving consumers high-quality antivirus programs and superior technical support,” said Chendev. “We will make sure that your computers receive the highest level of protection available.”

After being in business for a little more than seven years, Clearsight Antivirus software has been awarded and recognized by various companies. OPSWAT Certify our solutions for Malware detection level. Virus Bulletin, a UK based organisation who independently tests antivirus products, have honored Clearsight Antivirus with a VB100 Virus award multiple times throughout the years. Additionally, consumers on Download4a rated Clearsight Antivirus’ software programs five stars.

“The Clearsight Antivirus team is honored to see their hard work reflected in our awards and costumers’ reviews,” said Chendev. “We look forward to continuing to build our brand and strengthen our programs.”

“Although we do offer a free solution for business we also offer a distribution and reseller partnership program. For interested potential partners to capitalize on the Premium sales and support services that can be offered to paying businesses, who would like corporate-class protection and support.” hints Dmitry Chendev.

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Posted in Product News on Jun 22, 2017.